The yard – 10

Bank of the roses
Bank of the roses

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The yard

page 10

The yard
The yard

Picture: Lulu amongst the graves
No Music, just silence.

Roses T

That week
was hard.

And I bought flowers
and went to the graveyard.

It was my first visit to the graves of my family.

And I stood there in that yard
totally isolated 
and devastated by my own sorrow.

That is where I started to notice the other graves
and the names written on them
and the flowers
and all the little things people left behind
to honor their deads.

It was very touching
and all became more quiet and familiar to me.

Not far from there
I noticed an old man.

He had some flowers too
and we had a little chat.

His wife died
and his son committed suicide.
He had no relatives either.

And ever since
with every visit to the yard
I have spoken to many others
all with their stories.

That is were family history is written
because the graveyard
is the quintessence of humanity.

It is all buried there.

Roses T


Roses T


My friend! Our time on earth is short.
Make the choice of heaven

Roses T


Epithaph = written on a grave

Roses T

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