The puzzle – 6

Bank of the roses
Bank of the roses

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~ The puzzle ~

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The puzzle - aunt Mary
The puzzle – aunt Mary
springsong by Mozart

Picture: aunt Mary
Music: springsong by Mozart

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I grabbed the first scrapbook
The one inherited from mother
and one I never really looked at.

The envelope sure slipped out
of that scrapbook

But instead, I opened the second one
with my own family.

It dropped open on the first pictures 
my kids took from me.
It was so silly.

One took my head
one my trunk
and one my legs.

Since all pictures were
taken the same day
it was easy to puzzle them together.

And the result was quiet satisfying.

All of a sudden
it occurred to me
that the perspective of the pictures
matched the age of my children.

The youngest took my legs
the one in the middle took the trunk
and the eldest the head.  

That is how they perceived me at that time.
Very strange.

As I couldn’t bear 
the view of happier times
I switched to the first scrapbook
almost instantly.

And after a while
I found what I was looking for:
an old photograph of aunt Mary.

There she was
all smile
with her sun hat
and sunshade.

She looked gorgeous.
Not like me at all
but still great.

And I got even more puzzled 
with her attributes. 

I knew she was
a well known artist
but really
I couldn’t recall
her name was POPPINS.

There it was
all blinking
on that poster:


I felt of my chair
or almost.

Well, at least one name to search for!

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puzzle = pieces that seem to belong or fit together

Roses T

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