The old scrapbooks – 5

Bank of the roses
Bank of the roses

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~ The old scrapbooks ~

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The old scrapbooks
The old scrapbooks

images: a baby girl!
music: Yankee Doodle Dandy

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 Whilst filing the letter from the general
in my correspondence map
my eyes were catched 
by an old discolored envelop
slipping out between two old scrapbooks.

I couldn’t remember me
putting it there.

It sure tickled Nosey Nelly
and I picked it up.

On top of it
there was this beautiful
old stylish handwriting

“for Lulu
with love”

My heart started pumping beats.

Whom was that from?
And why didn’t I even recall receiving it?

I sat back,
again (yes, yes)
and caught myself
with my tongue 
between my teeth and lips.

– I tend to do that
when I’m tense.
It is a family trait.

My uncle would do that
and one of my kids
and a nephew. –

I opened the envelope.

It had the delightful smell
of old paper and photographs.

And inside
– oh surprise –
4 beautiful pictures
and a little note.

“for Lulu
when she grows up
with kids of her own,
– a souvenir –
your aunt Mary”

This made me cry again.

It was me on all of the pictures.
Me as a little baby girl.

My father would always say 
I was so tiny that I could fit
into a big match box.

And I always thought he was joking about that.
But no, here was the irrefutable proof.

Me in a matchbox,
me in a little headgear,
me in a topper.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

And finally,
me boxed in a box
trying to climb out.

That’s me.
It sure is.

I just wished I remembered
aunt Mary better.
Cause there was nobody left
to tell me more about her.

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Roses T


photograph = the writing of light
a scrapbook = more than just pictures
Nosey Nelly = American for Nosey Parker = curious Lulu
(said from an adult it becomes offensive)
family trait = unexplainable same attitude (for now)
family likeness = same looks

Roses T

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