The letter in my box – 4

Bank of the roses
Bank of the roses

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~ The letter in my box ~

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The letter in the box
The letter in the box

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Next morning
I had a strange letter in my box.

Unusual stamps
unusual writing
and even the format was unusual.

So, I sat back,
and turned the letter
in all directions.

I had no clue where this letter came from.
Or whom sent me the letter.

So, I opened it.
Curious as I was
and eager to know what it would say.

“My dear Lulu,
You will be very surprised to receive my letter
And probably you didn’t even expect it.
I couldn’t join the class last night.
And feel sorry we weren’t introduced.
I’m supposed to teach you a lesson in history…

Some stories are true, some are not
and some are so unbelievable
that nobody believes they are true.

It needs faith and courage to believe
the unbelievable.

Keep that faith my child.

Historically yours,

general LEE

Now, that was a mysterious letter
and an even more mysterious content.

I looked around,
pinched my arm.
and realized I was awake.

But that didn’t tell me WHO the writer was.

He wasn’t in the yellow pages, nor in the white ones.
Not even listed amongst the locals.

And since he left no address
I couldn’t even answer his kind letter.

And I decided to use my sons computer.
And search for LEE.

And I was very surprised with what I found.
There was only one general LEE.
No possible confusion.

The South had come to me.
And with it, the sound of its bands.

And I felt deeply moved
without even knowing why.

May be he is one
of my cousins from yonder
instead of an historian?

Whatever the answer is.
History, here I come!

Roses T


Roses T


a dixie = a mobile kitchen in old English
the South = Dixieland
yonder = not always heaven
history = the course of events depends on viewpoints

Roses T

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