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Bank of the roses
Bank of the roses

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~ The dance of XYZ ~

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The dance of XYZ
The dance of XYZ

Picture: the dance of IX, WHY and ZET
Music : Lord of the dance

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That night I had a strange dream.

I witnessed a dance.
The dance of IX, WHY and ZET.

It was a very beautiful and harmonious dance.
And all seamed to flew out of the same
chords and tunes and steps.

They opened the circle and I stepped in.
And it fuddled me a lot.

IX laughed at me and said:
“I’m the mathematical unknown

And WHY added:
“I’m the reason behind all things”

I found them to be very funny.
And wondered about ZET.

ZET looked at me 
like nobody ever did before and asked:
“What do you wonder about me?”

“I wonder if you are unknown also
and the reason behind all things?”

ZET smiled 
“What makes you think so, if you do?”

That was rather unexpected and I stumbled:
“You seem to belong together
because you dance together.”

ZET smiled again.
“And what about you Lulu?
Aren’t you dancing with us now?
And do you belong with us?”

The answer took my breath away.

That was enigmatic. 
A pleasant riddle:
the mathematical unknown
the reason
and the unexpected.

ZET still smiled
reading my thoughts.

“Yes, Lulu

And added even more enigmatically:
“Here is one more clue for you:

X and Y are two chromosomes
and so is Z.

X is the mathematical unknown
Y is the reason behind all things
and Z is the unexpected.

Scientists haven’t discovered Z yet.
Once they do, they have discovered the end.”

And I woke up, with DNA in my head
and the dance with the unexpected.

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mathematical unknown = the real one is never solved
reason = very different from reasoning or argumentation
chromosome = a visible carrier in witness of genetic information
DNA = cell bricks
X and Y = gender factors

Roses T

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