Sit back and relax – 2

Bank of the roses
Bank of the roses

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~ Sit back and relax ~

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Sit back and relax
Sit back and relax
Bank of the roses by the choir of ants

Image: Lulu and the ants
Music: banks of the roses by the choir of ants

Roses T

When I arrived at home
I had a dreadful time.

I lost everything
that was dear to me
in the accident.

My hubby,
my kids
and my work.

No more cooking, no caring, no cleaning.
No voices, no cheers, no running washers.
All was quiet and deadly silent.

I tried to pull myself together.

“Cheer up Lulu, the future is ahead!”

My head was exploding
and so was my heart.

Conscience is a lesion that comes close to the burning sun.

And tears rolled over my cheek all day long.
There was nothing to cling to any more.
And I remembered doctor Lesion’s saying:

“Sit back Lulu and relax!”

So, I decided to work on the relax
and sit back therapy.
And went out for my first long walk
with Loopy, the dog of my youngest.

When we arrived at my favorite place along the river.
I took of my shoes, yes the red ones,
and tried to sit down
without hurting my back or bones.

And when I sat almost comfortably, if not convulsive,
I found myself sitting on a colony of ants.
With bits all around and little squeals.

I popped up, much quickener as I plopped down
and crouched to have a closer look at them.
And I wondered why I never noticed them before.
When life didn’t hurt as it did now.

Now they made me laugh
and cheered me up.

I was so glad with their company.
And put my nose on the nest
trying to understand their ways.

“Hi there!”

It would be so nice if they talked back to me.

“Hi Lulu!”

They replied in choir.
And I wasn’t even surprised
to hear their itsy-bitsy teeny voices.

I wondered who their ancestors were
and if they searched them as well.

“Oh yes, Lulu, we do!
We still run after each other…”

In case YOU doubted that…

They do, they definitely do,
all lined up through centuries.

Ants throughout the ages
Ants throughout the ages
Roses T


Roses T


genealogy = the logic of genes or family trees unrevealed
ancestor = a generator
lines = direct or indirect ones

Roses T

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