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Bank of the roses
Bank of the roses

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Roses T

Ever struggled with terminology?
Lulu did.

Roses T

lulu’s definitions

alfa – Betty – calla lily


accident = an unpredicted go
aka = also known as
ancestor = a generator
ants and aunts = soundalikes (not always what you expect)
awakening = crucial moment


bed = not always a resting place
birth certificate = proof of existence
bones = remains of the past


chromosome = a visible carrier in witness of genetic information
coccyx = tail of many theories


dinosaur = prehistoric animal, whatever prehistoric means…
dixie, a = a mobile kitchen in old English
DNA = cell bricks
document = irrefutable proof when not faked


earth = plane jet around the sun
epithaph = written on a grave


family likeness = same looks
family trait = unexplainable same attitude (for now)


gen ethics = the dream factory
gene = a determinant factor
genealogy = the logic of genes or family trees unrevealed
genius = an exceptional gene


handwriting = to be deciphered most of the time
history = the course of events depends on viewpoints


layed = laid
librarian = not irrefutable either
library = can be public or private
lines = direct or indirect ones


map = portfolio with share or share not option
mathematical unknown = the real one is never solved


name = there is more to it at second sight
neurologist = an expert in flipping nerves
Nosey Nelly = American for Nosey Parker = curious Lulu
(said from an adult it becomes offensive)


photograph = the writing of light
puzzle = pieces that seem to belong or fit together


reason = very different from reasoning or argumentation


scrapbook = more than just pictures
shrunk = headshrinker = psychiatrist
sound-and-light = another spelling for soundalike
soundex = unisonant arrangements
South, The = Dixieland
subconscious = another level of science
sun = star of the milky way


the unexpected factor = very often the determining one


X and Y = gender factors
yonder = not always heaven

Roses T
Lulu Bell
Lulu Bell
Roses T

Lulu | Content | Glossary | All References

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