Bank of the roses
Bank of the roses

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~ Loopy ~

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Loopy and the ants
Loopy and the ants

Picture: Lulu, Loopy and the ants
Music : banks of the roses and the bass

Bank of the roses, Loopy’s tune
Roses T

Loopy was sad
because he missed my boy,
his little friend.

Despite all my efforts to cheer him up
it didn’t really work out well
because I was so sad too.

And he would end up
like a chastened little dog
howling on my lap.

So, I decided for
some divertissements
and talked genealogy with him.

And I took him off.
And we went back to the river
to our favorite place.

The ants were still there.
And so were we.

Whilst I crouched down
to give them a closer look
Loopy was wagging his tail
and snapping a few steps further.

I talked to the ants
but they didn’t talk back.

May be they were not the right ones.
So I crouched down at Loopy’s place.
After all, he has the nose.

I tried again, less convinced:
“Hi there”

“Hi, Lulu! What brings you back”.

Oh my little tiny friends.
if I could only hug them!
And I said:

How do you trace them?”

They laughed in unison and sang:
“Very simple Lulu, very simple.
direct line and DNA.”

“Just like in my dream?”

“Even better!”

Could that be possible?!

They told me they were the scientific ants.
(That is why the other ants didn’t answer.
They wouldn’t know.)

They explained that ants have different families too:
white, black, red, yellow, brown
and even orange ones.

“But that is not important”, they said.
Because all living creatures
have same DNA components.
Only results are different.

Like a kind of automatic mechanism
that develops with a different structure
although the basic components are the same.

If you are programmed to be an ant
you can’t turn into a human
and vice versa.

“And what about Z”, I asked?

“See Lulu
X and Y are to the Body
what Z is to the Mind.”

They looked at me with great anticipation.
And I smiled.

“I see and understand now.
It means there is an unexpected factor
that created all differences.”

“Yes Lulu, right!”

And joy filled my heart
because I understood creation better.
And I danced further into the unexpected.

– Since that memorable day
Loopy cheered up and started digging for old bones.
I have a pretty collection of old bones right now
and wouldn’t be surprised to find
the coccyx of Dino SAURE amongst them –

Roses T


Roses T


dinosaur = prehistoric animal, whatever prehistoric means…
the unexpected factor = very often the determining one
coccyx = tail of many theories
bones = remains of the past

Roses T

Lulu | Content | Glossary | All References

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