Jerry Lee Lewis


** Jerry Lee LEWIS **

He was born on September 29th 1935 in Ferriday, Louisiana.
At the age of nine he starts pounding the piano.
Growing up as a poor white in the Deep South, listening to country, gospel and blues.
He stopped running for minister and became a professional bar singer and pianist in his native “Louis-Annah”.

“Crazy Arms” was his first single in 1955.
His next two singles “Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on” and “Great balls of fire”
were massive U.S. hits , all time rock and roll classics.

He appeared in the film “Disc jockey Jamboree” in 1957 and “High school confidential” in 1958.

He married Myra BROWN in 1958. She was not only his cousin, but just 13 years old to boot.
He was hounded out as a child molester and embarked as a country singer in 1963.
During the seventies he became known as a “wild man” with a series of drink, drugs and firearms offences.
He was rushed to hospital in 1981 for a stomach operation, recovered fully and started touring again.
He was inducted in the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 1985
His life was filmed in “Great balls of fire”(1989),  featuring Dennis QUAID as Jerry Lee LEWIS and Winoma RYDER.J

Jerry Lee Lewis is a cousin of country singer Mickey GILLEY and TV evangelist Jimmy SWAGGART.

Two ex-wives dead in strange circumstances and two children dead…
His life is marked by self-abuse, tax troubles and a disastrous personal life.

Even today his spirit remains undimmed.




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