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Many have asked me to put up some general links about genealogy. And yet, so much research and work has been done already
by so many!

Don’t expect me to repeat what others did more extensively and much better. Just allow me to give you some clues to a more effective research.

The tips and links are basic links and tips.
I hope, some endured researchers will enjoy them as well.

Just find a tip of the week and a family scene on top of it.

Just dig! You might find an old bone!

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genealogy tip :  You haven’t got far to look
scene of the week :
  Shadows on the wall

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Genealogy software

Legacy Family Tree 


Global Genealogy & History Shoppe


French guide to genealogy in France


Memorial of Kongolo – Meise Parc – Villers-la-Ville cistercian abbey 

Genealogy Items

search engines and research – Genealogical warehouse


Huguenots in the Uckhermark (Germany)

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Search engines and Research

Truth has no master

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