mlaure's gallery - digital postcard: spring
digital postcard: spring
Pizzi cato andante

mlaure’s gallery

image : springtime
music: Pizzi cato andante

Genuine and dear friends
have asked me to put up some of my digital pictures, oil paintings and digital pastels. Kind of art!

YOU’ll find a new painting or pastel every while.

Make sure to bookmark!

The materials used for the paintings are the famous BLOCKX oil colors, handmade according to the recipe of the Flemish masters.

Most pastels are made from  digital pictures.
Enjoy them and keep visiting!

Thank YOU!

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circles of life – variety – patterns – painted – kaleidoscope

digital postcards

fish – fountain – circle – garden – wood – stained glass windows

flower mediations

dahlia – hortensia – lilyorchid – dried fowers –
lavender – crocus and daffodilsred roses

Mlaure’s images, poetry, jammed music and digital pictures are for personal use and as wallpaper only!  Not for commercial use or for distribution in any graphic collection, or in any other manner. TY.

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