Fear emotion

Fear emotion is not the best. It makes you flee, block, fight or resign. Go beyond.

Everything you’ve ever wanted
is on the other side of fear.’

~ George Addair ~

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A godless state

A godless state

A godless state A godless stateTurns against its own citizens  Persecuting them  Arresting them  Bailing them  Terror  Violence Lies  Propaganda Fraud Abuse  Evil knows no service  Only greed  Destruction False flags  Fake news  Fear  Propaganda Brainwashing Manipulation Same goes for Institutions Corporations The rule of evil its evil doers endoctrination What or whom do you serve ?

Handle with care

Handle with care packing stickers set

Handle with care There are bubles and bubbles The first is a typo The second a word  Its latest meaning? Fictuous Internet bubble Financial bubble Health bubble …The list is long Its characteristic? Bursting Like bursting stock exchange So yes Handle with care Let us care for our planet What is it that you handle… Continue reading Handle with care

Backdrops – Variety


Backdrops – Variety 8 as backgrounds and paperwalls for all kind of use and occasions



Magnolia, a beautiful flower that blossoms in early Spring . Its fragrance spreading like a promise over the land and its whiteness resplendent


Wood - Bois - Hout - Holz
Wood – Bois – Hout – Holz

Wood – Bois – Hout – Holz. One of the sacred symbols pictures the tree of life… let us wonder why

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