The Awakening – 1

Bank of the roses
Bank of the roses

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~ The awakening ~

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The awakening
The awakening
music: banks of the roses on the air of tick tock

Image : Lulu’s awakening
Music : bank of the roses on the air of tick tock

Roses T

When I opened my eyes…

I didn’t know WHERE I was.
And I didn’t know WHO I was.

A strange feeling of subconscious
where reality and fiction mixed into new worlds…

What was the day? I didn’t know.
What was the hour? I didn’t know either.

In that same movement of subconscious I looked at my watch.
And found it to be a very strange one.
I couldn’t find the dial or the digits
and got puzzled by the tube that seemed to connect me
to the outer space.

Light run into the room
and there she stood:
a women, all dressed in white.
I had never seen her before either
and wondered if she was a fairy or an angel.

“I can’t read my watch”
and pointed at my wrist.

She frowned her eyes:
“That ain’t a watch”

A fairy or angel and Cockney English… hum…

“If it isn’t a watch, what is it then?”
But what she said I couldn’t hear as time felt out.

When I opened my eyes again, she was still there.
Almost at the same place, with Jerry  Lee Lewis  at her side.
Yes, the great ball of fire himself. What could he be doing here?

“Hello Jerry? Are you interviewing me for your next spot?
Or are we playing for candid camera?”

He frowned his eyes as well.

“I’m doctor Lesion,
you had a car accident.
I’m your neurologist and you seem under shock.”

I tried to think. But the room and the bed and the fairy and Jerry
seemed to turn into one big black whole with the Doctor,
the accident, the watch, the room and the white clothes.

It was only a few weeks later
that the gravity of the accident occurred to me.

I was looking at Jerry, who was in fact doctor Lesion.
and tried to understand his sayings:

“You won’t be able to work for the next months
and it is hard to predict if you will ever be able to work again.
You’ll have to sit back and relax for a while.”

“What can I do to improve? My head is so heavy.
And it is so hard for me to relate to people and things.”

“Try some genealogy.
It is an excellent exercise for the brain.
And many find great fun in doing it.”


“Yes, genealogy.”

I left the hospital and stepped into another world
where time wasn’t hasty any more
and where watches don’t run
despite the running times.

Roses T


Roses T


bed = not always a resting place
subconscious = another level of science
accident = an unpredicted go
neurologist = an expert in flipping nerves

Roses T

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