An unexpected friend – 3

Bank of the roses
Bank of the roses

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An unexpected friend

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An unexpected friend
An unexpected friend
Bank of the roses by Lulu’s friends

Image: Lulu and her friends
Music: banks of the roses by Lulu’s friends


When I opened my eyes that night,
I realized somebody was sitting on the edge of my bed.

“Who is it?” I enquired 
whilst searching for the light.

“It’s me, Daisy Dimple.”

In the light of my penlight, there she was.
My friend of old.

Same chiselled features.
Same figure.
Same intonations.
Same all.

And I felt releaved.

She smiled
with her captivating smile
And her eyes twinkeled.

“I have come to teach you genealogy.”

“I didn’t know you were a genealogy teacher.”

“I didn’t know either.”
And she chuckled

We both tittered.
If I was still sleepy some minutes before
My eyes were wide open now.

“I’m glad you came, 
Dr. Lesion wants me to do some genealogy.
And I wouldn’t know where to start..”

“That’s why I am here
with my newly appointed team.
To make you a certified genealogist.”

“Oh, great! Where do we start?”

“Oh, well, it’s all your work!”

And she introduced me to her team:

“John APPLESEED aka chappie
Richard COEUR DE LION, the middle aged man
Jan KEES, the first New Yorker
Lina BOUBOU, the female pirate
Julius CAIZER, the roman power base
Eva PERSWEDER, the hidden vamp
Teddy BEER,  the cuddler
Nonny CROOKED, the grip
and Pili PALLY, one uh… known.”

To be honnest,
I found they all had Mickey Mouse names and ditto functions.
But, I wouldn’t mention it to my friend. She might think I have a screw loose.

“What do you notice Lulu?”

“Can I speek freely?”


“Curious names.”

“Yes, they are all soundalikes.You passed the first test!
Genealogy starts witn names and ends with genes.”

And she vanished with her team
as mysteriously as she came.
Leaving me in the dark of my room.
With more unanswered questions.



aka = also known as
ants and aunts = soundalikes (not always what you expect)
sound-and-light = another spelling for soundalike
soundex = unisonant arrangements
gene = a determinant factor
genius = an exceptional gene
gen ethics = the dream factory


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