About Mlaure


Shadows on the wall
Plays blue by you, adapted by mibeeb

About mlaure

Poetry haunted my mind after a severe car crash .

Thousands of words and verses in different languages
crisis crossed my mind in simple, very simple statements.

On general request, I’m publishing them on the web.

Some will call it inspiration, others a gift.
I just call them nightly “reflect-ions.”
They woke me up a thousand times
for more than 1001 verses all over the years.

Many others share that gift with me.
Because it is a gift, of course.

I hope they’ll make you ‘laugh’ or ‘love’ again.

Whatever your ‘pro-noun-ciation’ or understanding of the words might be….
Just feel them and let them touch your heart and you’ll understand why it is said:

In the beginning was the Word!

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